Best Apps of The Week! #Top5Tuesday

Greetings, and welcome to another installment of Top 5 Tuesday! As I explained in my post last week, every Tuesday I will share 5 Android apps that have impressed me based on aesthetics and functionality here on the blog, and I intend to commit to this long term. Today I’ll share the Amazon, Symmetria, Netflix, Houzz apps, and even one named after, but not affiliated with me called Ike! Enjoy!



This app won the inaugural Best App on the Google Play Store for 2016, and is the best app for improving and designing your home. Whether you are remodelling, building or decorating your house, this app is a vast resource for all you need, including ideas and even where to buy what you need. There is even a section where you can contact professional decorators and interior designs and get inspiration from what they have done previously. And even if you have no house to decorate yet, it is a fun and easy app to use, and you could even give yourself an idea of what kind of bathroom style or man cave you would want when you can afford it. Even call bae and tell her to show you what she likes so that you can know early what you guys could be arguing about…



This app excites me, especially since it is named after me! I can take no credit for it’s genuinely beautiful design or ease of use. This is one of the best to-do and task list apps available in the playstore. It’s forte is helping you to prioritize your tasks, allowing what needs to be addressed urgently, what is important and what is not. Other to-do apps offer this functionality, but no one makes it such a core part of its usability like this one. You could even further categorize your prioritizations by Home, Work, School or whatever you want. It is a heavily customizable app, and with the premium version, even more features are available to you, including widgets and more themes.

Amazon Underground

amazon undrgrnd

First of all, this is not the app that you will find on the Play Store. There is an Amazon App for the Play Store, but this one is available from the Amazon website itself and is much more robust, even including Amazon’s own native appstore, where if you are lucky, some of your preferred paid apps could be gotten absolutely free! The link would be in the title, as usual. This app is the Amazon website on your phone, and I dare say, just as good as it. Conduct all your research and transactions from this app alone without ever needing to refer to the desktop website for any reason. I think that’s a good measure of how good an app is. I have never used the app and thought I needed to go to the website for more. Just as good.



There’s just something so nice about dark themed apps, especially with the combination of black and red, as long as the red is the right shade. But I digress. Love or hate the service, Netflix and its app are beautiful to use. I am relatively new to Netflix, having joined less than a year ago since it became available in my geographical region. I was a bit reluctant to use the app, because I prefer media consumption on a larger screen, but recently I have begun to use the mobile app more and more, and even though it’s smaller real estate, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. And even more appealing is the fact that some movies or series are now available for download to your device, so as long as you have an active subscription, you could take your content with you on the go, even if you are offline. And Netflix is not skimping on putting out quality content too.



My last app is a game that I recently discovered and it is called Symmetria. A hint is in the name. It is a puzzle game which requires you to mirror the patterns and arrangements of the shapes shown to you. As with all other games, it starts off surprisingly easy, and then gets very challenging as you progress, of course with a time element to it too. It’s a very good game to pass the time, and is very well designed too.

So those are my top apps for this Tuesday, and I hope you’ll download some or all of these and give them a try, because they are as good as I say they are. See you next week!


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