Best Apps Of The Week! #Top5Tuesday


I am starting a new section, and commitment of sorts to the blog, where I will publish my best 5 apps of the week, in no particular order or preference (hopefully), and from a variety of categories. I am not big on gaming, but I might throw in the random game every now and then. I will try to showcase the not-so-popular apps, but they must be aesthetically pleasing, and give quality amounts of functionality. I will be posting this section every single week on Tuesday!  Shouldn’t be so hard. All the apps I would mention are apps I use on my phone at the time of posting, and that I have used actively for over 2 weeks. Without any further ado, here are my top 5 apps for this week.

  1. Flamingo 

flamingo screenshots #manandroid
Flamingo screenshots

This is my Twitter client of choice. A highly customizable, easy to use app, it adds so much more functionality to the standard Twitter app. It is not free, costing a bit over $2, but still cheaper than a lot of the alternatives. You can customize the colors to your heart’s content, add multiple accounts, enable background syncing, and so much more. It also has previews for Instagram, Youtube and Vine links, but my favorite feature is the Hover preview, which allows you to press and hold an image, GIF or video preview to see a magnified version, as well as playing the video or GIF.  Even with the image, once you press and hold, you could also zoom and pan as well. A clean, and well made app that does the job well.

2. Timely 

timely screenshot #manandroid
Timely screenshots

I have been using this app for a very long time. Feels like I have used it since my first android device. This is the alarm of choice. It has a wide range of enchanting colors, as well as creative ways to wake you up, offering a variety of challenges you could do, just to shut the alarm off. You will not be going back to sleep after this. It also comes with a stopwatch and timer incorporated into it’s functionality. It can also sync across your android devices using your Google account, so you could have your phone right next to you, but set the alarm to ring on your tablet closer to the bathroom. In my experience I have synced alarms across 4 devices. Overkill, I know. Honestly, a very well built app, and it is absolutely free.

3. FotMob

fotmob #manandroid
Fotmob screenshots

Hands down, the best app for monitoring highlights of live football (soccer) ever. One of the most complete apps you will ever use, there are very few things you will ask this app to do that it will shake its head at. It gives you alerts for the beginning of a match, goals scored, penalties missed, red cards issued on a minute by minute basis. It even updates the table of whatever league or competition the game is in, giving you a running live display of how the standings would be if the results remain the way they are at that point in time. Mark my words when I say, there is no league or match worth its calibre that is not covered by this app, even if they tend to run commentary on only the higher profile matches or leagues. You could also see highest goal scorers, assists, defensive actions, as well as in-game stats like possession and passes successfully played. I know I am gushing at this point, but this app is that good.

4. Quora

Quora screenshots

Ask anything! Literally! You might not get journal articles or pieces for your thesis or dissertation here, but this is another rich source for information, subjective though it could be some times. How it works, if you haven’t used this platform before is you ask a question, in a conversational way, and place it in the relevant category. Then someone with experience or extensive knowledge on the subject will then give a comprehensive answer.The app is clean, and very easy to use, whether you are asking a question or answering it. Pick topics of interest and people you can follow to give you a customized feed.

5. Asos

Asos screenshots

This is how I like my shopping done. In my boxer shorts, lying down on my couch, my phone in hand where I can browse and shop securely and safely. I have used a good number of shopping apps, some offering high end goods, and because they want to show they are classy, they try to hard, and the app ends up looking clumsy. Not this app. Material design was excellently implemented here. Everything is easy to find, and if you enjoy using the Asos website, this app experience would be even better.

So there you are, my top 5 apps for this week. The download links for each of these apps will be found in the title of each app so that you could easily download if you want to try the app out. If there is any app you think I should try out, post in the comments and let me know, and I will give it a look-in. Have a lovely week, don’t do bad thing.

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