Greetings, Android lovers and enthusiasts! The summer has been around for a few weeks now, some are already dreading when it will end, and they have to go back to doing something where they wear more clothes. Relax. Summer still has a few more weeks to go, and here are a few apps to help you maximize and enjoy your time.


1. (Playstore link)

My number one travel app. Excellent for booking hotels and other forms of accommodation to basically anywhere in the world. Even your village! (unlikely). The more you use this app, the more access you have to secret deals, and even greater discounts. Don’t let the fact that you know no one in a particular city stop you from visiting. Customer reviews are always very helpful and detailed.

2. Viator (Playstore link)

This app gives you variety of options on what to do when you go somewhere new, or if you even want to discover more things to do where you already are! Simply type in the name of the city where you want to go, and it will give you a lot of activities that you can do there, and also, for some attractions, if you book with Viator, you could get priority and VIP treatment when you get to the event or location.

3. SkyScanner (Playstore link)

Easy to use app to find the cheapest flights to any destination in the world. Also set price alerts for particular routes, and it would inform you of when a cheaper flight is available, and gives you an opportunity to book flights right from the app itself. Hotel booking and car rental services also available.

4. XE Currency (Playstore link)

Keep abreast with the exchange rates to help you plan and budget responsibly. You could even compare exchange rates of more than one currency at a time, if you want.

5. 1-Weather (Playstore link)

There are a ton of weather apps out there, and most of them very beautifully created. I have been using this one for the past week or so, and I am listing it here, not because it is better than any other one, but just because I like it, and it has a very nice, detailed widget. Auto-location is also available, so it would give you the weather update of whatever location you’re in.

6. Google Maps (Playstore link)

Do I really need to say much or anything about this? Organize your movement. Check public transport options. Find information about locations, as well as customer ratings and pictures. Go and get this app. Don’t think, just do it.

7. TripIt (Playstore link)

Aggregate all your travel plans in one place, whether it is your flight information, hotel booking details, car rental information, or tourist attraction itinerary. This app is best used linked to your email of choice where it can automatically import this information, or you can manually enter the information and have the app chronologically arrange all the information for you. That easy.

8. Google Play Music (Playstore link)

My top music streaming service. Take your music with you wherever you are. This service allows you to listen to your music wherever you are, has an ever-increasing list and variety of what is already a vast and impressive library of music. No internet, no problem. Save your music to your phone, and keep on enjoying the service even while online. Also, you can save up to 20,000 of your personal songs to your account, and listen to them wherever you are.


9. Udemy (Playstore link)

Whether you’re travelling or not, the summer gives you some extra time on your hands, no work or school, so why not use that opportunity to learn something new, or brush up on some old skills? Udemy is one of such platforms which offers thousands of courses for you to learn, some free and some premium. I am currently enrolled here, and I am enjoying the ease of learning using this medium.

10. Amazon Kindle (Playstore link)

Arguably the world’s most popular reading platform. Not everyone could actually have the physical tablet which made this so popular, but you don’t need to. Install the app on your android phone or tablet, and you’re good to go. Discover and purchase new books and subscribe to periodicals right from this app.

There are so much more apps to be found on the Play store, but these are my favorites. Would you add any to my list (how dare you)? If you do, leave the name of the app in the comments section, and I will look at it, and probably recommend it to others.

Thanks for reading!

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