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Samsung, a couple of days back, at their annual Samsung Unpacked event, announced their 2 new flagship phones in their category. The S7 and S7 Edge, for me, are conclusive evidence that Samsung has indeed grown up, because looking at these phones, a lot of intelligence has gone into the design, usability and even handling of these devices. I will be addressing some highlights of this phone that I observed, and that I think make these phones Samsung’s best till date. Except otherwise stated, all features mentioned would be applicable to both phones.


This feature has me so excited! I have never been a fan of light or slim phones, because the phones feel so small and slippery, with not enough grip purchase, plus every time a phone is slimmed down, something is sacrificed, whether it is battery, or aesthetics (camera bump). With the extra millimeter or so of thickness, more can be done inside the phone.


This feature lends credence to my view that Samsung is smarter. Samsung did not reinvent the phone with these devices, but they took an already awesome phone in their predecessors and made it so much greater. One key issue with the flagships from last year was that you had such an awesome phone, but you had to carry its awesome charger with it as well. It’s like going to a restaurant to eat a gourmet meal, only to be told you have to wash the plates after you’re done. The S7 has been bumped up from the S6 to contain a 3000mAh battery, while the S7 Edge is now about 3600mAh. Now your Samsung can fully express itself without you being worried that you can enjoy your phone, but only for so long. And it still has fast charging, but not removable/swappable battery.


For such a novel idea as the curved screen on Galaxy Edge devices, there was only so little functionality and things you could do. Now, you can put a lot more content on the notification edge, even adding up to two vertical rows of apps or shortcuts, so that more is available to you instantly. Same smart thinking that brought multi-tasking to the Galaxy Note phones, taking advantage of all that real estate. Smart Samsung.


This also doubles as a dual SIM slot, so for those who complained about that in the previous phones, Samsung has magnanimously brought it back. Even though personally, I have not missed it. I use a 64GB Oneplus One and I have never used more than 25GB, not because I can’t, but because I haven’t needed to, and I am a power user. But I assume that there are people who probably have some form of media files that they would need to keep on their phones, so Samsung providing that option will only endear more people to them.


Sometimes, as cliche as it sounds, the little things make the best long term difference. There’s a curve to the back of the devices, meaning that it fits more naturally in the curve of your palm, and you can hold it for much longer, and more comfortable. Also, because of the increased thickness, the camera bump is significantly reduced, and can be placed on a table without it rocking and not being stable. The little things.


After seeing all that has been done with these phones, I am excitedly looking forward to what Samsung will do with the Note 6. Probably an even bigger battery, better stylus integration with the notification edge, even faster processor and better camera, etc. 


There are many other cool features of these phones, like being dust and water-resistant for up to 30 minutes, improved screen and camera, Always On feature, more user friendly TouchWiz interface, better VR experience, etc., but Samsung have done right in not doing too much to change these phones from their big brothers. Because let’s face it, how many people buy a new phone every year? Truth be told, most people that buy this phone would probably be those who own an S5 or its contemporaries, so Samsung has just tweaked a good phone, and made it great. 

That being said, whoever buys this phone, no matter how recently you got another one, you won’t be disappointed. 

Agree? Disagree? Drop a comment below and let me know. Share with your friends too!

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