This is a continuation of the last blog article {Part 1}, which you guys received very well indeed. We are going to be reviewing a few more apps to make you the efficient android-using student.

Many of these apps will make you want to not carry ANYTHING else with you, except your android phone/tablet. Don’t believe me? Read on.

1. AnkiDroid (Anki)

Playstore link

I found this app literally an hour before writing this post. Saw it under someone else’s school productivity recommendations, installed it, and I love it already. It is a flashcard app, which makes memorizing important points very easy. It is smart too. You could either create your flashcards from scratch with your own content, or you could browse from flashcards already created on the subject matter. It also deduces how fast you’re able to answer the questions and based on that, decides when to reveal that card again. It doesn’t have a 4.5 rating for nothing. It works perfectly when you use it with the desktop version.

2. CamScanner

Playstore link

You will throw away your scanner after you use this app, especially if you have a more than average camera. This app scans documents by using your camera to take pictures and then storing them in an enhanced and clearer form. I have used this app a lot, and even if the paper is rumpled or folded, it has functionality which will allow you spread it out and see it clearly. You can even store multiple pages per document, so it looks like you are flipping through pages.

3. Pushbullet

Playstore link

Another favorite app of mine that I install on ALL my devices. I would install it on my wallet if it were possible (it isn’t). This app helps to transfer (push) files between devices. Some content is just better seen on a bigger screen, or you are going out, and you push an article to your phone so you can read on the go. It uses your email address to push files to all your devices where you have it installed. You can transfer files, text, links, pictures, videos, etc., between devices. You could also push items between different people, as long as they also have Pushbullet, and you connect with them. You could even reply messages on your phone from your PC. You really need this app. Trust me.

4. ColorNote

Playstore link

This is my favorite note-taking app. The interface is honestly not so interesting to look at, as it is very basic, not modern or sleek-looking really, but it is very efficient. It gets the job done very well. The notes can be color-coded and with labels to keep you better organized. For taking notes in class, this comes highly recommended by me.You could also use this app to create any lists you want, as well as set reminders. You could also sync across devices, so that what you’ve already posted in your phone, for example, will show up on your tablet, where you could view and edit the document.

5. Any.Do

Playstore link

There are a ton of to-do apps on the Play Store, but this one stands out because it is so simple in it’s design, but packed full of features. You can set reminders, drag and drop to plan your agenda, integrated speech recognition, seamless cloud sync, adding sub-tasks and notes. You could also share with other people easily, making collaborating on assignments or deadlines easier. The reminders stay in your notification drawer so you never forget the task you have to do.

Alright, guys. These apps wrap up my list of the best school productivity apps I have come across on the Google Play Store. What app do you use the most? Which is your favorite? Which one did I miss? Put a comment below, and let’s see, I might just be sold too.


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