My Top 5 Android Launchers

I am thinking that it’s about time you changed your home screen. You have used the same pre-installed launcher that came with your phone, and all you change is wallpaper (cat, boy/girlfriend, ex-boy/girlfriend, dream vacation/car, cat, etc.), just icons on wallpaper. You do know that you’re not using an iPhone, right? There’s so much your launcher can do, including making access to your popular apps easier, as well as giving you options based on time of day or location.

There are so many launchers out there on the Playstore with various degrees of customization and personalization. Some are clunky and will drain your battery, while others are light and your battery would swear you don’t use a launcher.

I’m going to skip some popular launchers like GO Launcher and Nova Launcher, because even though they are highly and easily customizable, they now feel boring. I will also post direct links so that you could get any mentioned launcher that you fancy. I like my launchers FAST, LIGHT ON BATTERY, and INTELLIGENT. Here we go:


Playstore link

Scribble. Launch. Adapt. Nokia actually made this and it is very impressive. Use your finger and write the first letter of whatever app or contact you want to get and it lists all the options for you immediately. Scribble more letters to further refine your search. It also learns your usage habits and gives you options based on time of day.


Playstore link

Another very light and minimalistic launcher perfect for those who use a lot of Google services, especially Google Now. This is a service that with your permission, will check your emails and search queries, as well as your other Google-specific behaviour and uses it to either predict what you might be interested in or remind you of upcoming meetings or appointments. It can even show you what is showing in a cinema near you, follow your favorite sports teams, help you track your packages, or even tell you about an upcoming flight or hotel reservation. With this launcher, Google Now is just a page swipe away.


Playstore link

It looks like any other launcher, but with a few neat party tricks. The app drawer can be accessed by swiping from the edge of your screen, which is very convenient. It also has features called Cover and Shutter. Cover acts like a folder, but with different launch styles based on preference. Shutters allow you to launch widgets right from an icon. Pretty neat. There is a paid version, but I don’t think you really need to get that.


Playstore link

800,000 themes! And they are all free and easy to customize! If you can’t find what you like from more than 800,000 options, maybe the problem is not the app; maybe the problem is you. It also makes it very easy to recommend themes to a friend based on preference.


Playstore link

I stumbled on this launcher purely because I am an app prostitute. I didn’t take the name seriously, I saw it as an ad in the BBM app, and curiousity won me over. I LOVE THIS LAUNCHER! This is my present launcher. It is feature packed, yet it is so light and fast. \It has its own Hola ecosystem which I really don’t care about, but you can easily customize it with a wide range of options, and a lot of wallpapers, fonts and themes! Not up to 800,000 but still some very impressive ones. Been a while since a launcher made me happy.

Alright, guys, this is my top 5 list for android launchers. Honorable mentions go to EverythingMe, Yahoo Aviate Launcher and Smart Launcher. Which launcher do you use? Tell me in the comments below.

Next time I will share my top 5 lockscreens. It will be a good one.


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