Man Meets Android


My name is Ike, and I will be talking a lot about the android operating system. My experience is limited to hands on usage of not a few devices, and I keep myself well informed about new trends and information in the android ecosystem.

I will be posting information about new trends, devices, apps and innovations in the android sphere. As much as I can, I will give hands on information about whatever I am talking about, but where that is not obtainable, I will properly reference reliable media/news publications as they relate to the subject.

Every week I will devote a section to my favorite apps of the week, with categories ranging from games to lifestyle, productivity, customization, education, finance, security, etc. I would always leave a direct link to where you could download these apps.

I would also have a Q&A section where I will research and provide answers on any burning issues, so feel free to leave your questions in the Comments section on anything you want to know about the android operating system.

I love the Android ecosystem, comparatively because of the flexibility and limitless personalization options it offers, and I have enjoyed using these devices these past few years. I hope my passion translates into useful information for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave all and any comments you have. Also share this with friends and any other social media platform if you like what you read.

Thank you.


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